In a booming category where young challenger brands are playful, colorful and embrace female sexuality, VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film was a legacy product whose package design didn’t live up to its quality. Looking to evolve and grow into new segments, the first hurdle in redesigning the VCF brand was reimagining what it stood for, besides an innovative contraceptive form. TGG’s copywriters assigned the acronym new meaning that captures the new cultural landscape—Very Cool Female.

Starting from a completely revamped copy platform, TGG’s designers were careful to retain the integrity and consumer recognition of the brand while also evolving it for a more modern woman. The new design features a flowing, curving theme and the woman on-pack went from outdated and literal to cool and figurative—a symbol for every woman to identify with regardless of race or body size.

It’s a design that gracefully walks a tightrope between medicinal and modern. With this forward-thinking branding, VCF can expand into new products and categories without being held down.