After the hugely successful redesign of Ibuprom, USP Zdrowie, a leader in the Polish market for OTC medicines, returned to The Goldstein Group to design a new product in its Aleric portfolio. A breakthrough anti-allergy steroid, the Aleric Spray was switching from prescription to OTC, and TGG had to carefully balance compliance to the European Union’s regulations with a consumer-centric design strategy.

No stranger to the allergy category, TGG has a long legacy of successful Rx-to-OTC switch design including the groundbreaking launches of Allegra and Nasacort. With this unique expertise, TGG set about completely transforming the Aleric brand, starting with a secondary carton that was lovingly nicknamed the “theater” for its unfolding front panels that provide an arresting stage for the product. The design was strategically executed to appeal to the specific sensibilities of the Polish consumer. A vibrant and lively yellow contrasts with a cool and comforting blue in a design that uses fluid motions to capture the ethos of breath and relief. The final product is both functional and beautiful, a hallmark of TGG’s design process.