TGG Leverages the “Sequence of Cognition” to Win at Shelf and Online

Guided by our founding principles, Shelf Sight Sequence™ and E-Sight Sequence™, we achieve bottom line results for our clients using the “sequence of cognition.” One might think that words on a package are most important in driving shopper purchase intent, but neurological studies show that they are in fact least important. Consumers recognize visual images (colors, shapes and symbols) more quickly than words both on-shelf and online. On-shelf, color first catches the consumer’s eye, then shape, symbols and finally words. Online, color and shape are intuitively noticed first, followed by symbols and words, which deliberately help consumers make an informed purchase.

Remember, you only have 5 seconds (or 5 scrolls!) to convince shoppers to choose your brand over another.  Maximize your brand’s visual vocabulary to stand out in the omni-channel marketplace.

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