"Everything inspires me, because everything is design."


Co-Creative Director

Darcy is co-creative director of The Goldstein Group.  She boasts a diverse portfolio of award-winning packaging including such projects as ACT, AquaNet, Nasacort, and Luden’s.  Leading a talented team of designers, illustrators and production professionals, Darcy is able to consistently strike a perfect balance between meeting a brand’s strategy and creating a compelling visual language for every project. Darcy’s impeccable eye for package design is inspired by her love of brands, interior design, fashion, and modern art.  Textiles, fashion, music, as well as color trends feed her creative mind, resulting in successful package design that engages new customers and rediscovery by loyal customers. She and Terri have been a powerhouse team for more than 15 years.  The results of their teamwork, synergy and passion for strategic design solutions that may be seen, felt and understood in 5 seconds or less, is evident in their honed approach for such clients as Bayer, Merck, Chattem, Sanofi, and Panasonic. Darcy is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology.