Dr. Smith’s Case Study

Over the course of several months, The Goldstein Group used their expertise in restaging some of America’s most beloved heritage brands by working with the team from Mission Pharmacal to create a new identity for Dr. Smith’s rash ointments and sprays. The case study that follows is a brief overview of the steps that went into creating the new Dr. Smith’s brand image. 

To the right of the image, you will see a legend that calls out the unique Services TGG applied to each part of the project. From Visual Positioning to Research, Package Design to Brand Standards, TGG exhibited the thoroughness of its DesignSmart process from start to finish. 

1. Brand Intake/Category SWOT:

The first step of TGG’s involvement in the Dr. Smith’s brand was the development of a full category SWOT to best understand Dr. Smith’s’ retail presence, along with competitors. By utilizing the Shelf Sight Sequence™, the team was able to carve out a unique space for the brand to hold its own.

Services Used: Visual Positioning.

2. Brand Positioning/Mythos:

After the initial brand intake, TGG then plotted out two distinct entry points, both with a unique new perspective of the Dr. Smith’s brand. Special attention was given to the creation of a new brand mythos in order to honor the story behind Dr. Smith himself. The formula and application are efficacious, making the clinical mythos not just appropriate but a way to sell in the brand’s forward-thinking treatment. On the other end of the positioning spectrum, the brand’s name is a personal nod to the original founder, and so a heritage apothecary mythos was also created to stay in line with the eponymous brand’s roots.

Services Used: Brand Mythos, Visual Positioning, Messaging and IP Protection.

3. Creative Development:

Expanding off of the two decided positions, TGG’s creatives designed for both the clinical and apothecary approaches. By designing according to multiple viewpoints, this would allow for both camps to enter the research stage, allowing TGG to best assess which point of view most resonates with the target consumer.

Services Used: Brandmark Design, Packaging Design and Visual Positioning.

4. Qualitative Research:

After the selection of the most successful Phase One designs, TGG and Mission Pharmacal learned just how moms and caretakers reacted to the chosen designs through qualitative research. We learned how consumers responded to both the current packaging on shelf and the updated graphics that had been developed. After discovering the consumers’ need for clear and concise messaging, their feedback was then collected and analyzed to help develop the next steps of the project.

Services Used: Research.

5. Post Research Refinements:

Distilling the insights from focus groups, TGG reinvented the initial designs to better resonate with prospective consumers and ensure that the brand can achieve maximum shelf impact. These necessary refinements resulted in informed, smarter designs. 

Services Used: Research, Brandmark Design, Packaging Design, Brand Mythos and Messaging.

6. Quantitative Research:

Three concepts were then taken into the next phase of research in order to quickly gauge the preferences of a larger body of target consumers. Product appeal, purchase intent, and the likelihood to recommend Dr. Smith’s were all investigated in a much wider scope, and equipped TGG with the knowledge needed to speak the same language as the typical Dr. Smith’s consumer. Special attention was paid to the messaging on pack and which claims remained in the minds of consumers after their initial viewing.

Services Used: Research.

7. Illustration Development:

By listening to research findings, TGG was able to deduce that a unique, friendly illustration would benefit the infant SKUs and create an emotional connection with mothers looking to care for their little ones. This proprietary illustration was created to expand the Dr. Smith’s visual language and add warmth and emotion to an otherwise clinical product.

Services Used: Packaging Design, IP Protection and Production.

8. All Panel Design:

With the direction of the main panel, the design was expanded into all top, bottom, and side panels with the inclusion of an updated brand mythos. The team masterfully extended the brand across both infant and adult SKUs in a range of shapes and sizes.

Services Used: Packaging Design and IP Protection.

9. Production Mechanicals:

Following the completion of the final designs, TGG enlisted production artists to translate the final design into workable mechanicals to be used in print production. For a line of products requiring tubes, jars, and aerosol cans, TGG created a production strategy that maintained consistency and quality across all final SKUs.

Services Used: Brandmark Design, Package Design, IP Protection and Production.

10. Brand Standards:

Following the completion of all production mechanicals, TGG compiled a brand standards manual to ensure branding consistency in the future. This set of standards is a comprehensive guide to applying the new brand attributes to all future packaging, print, and digital marketing materials. By creating this document, any potential web designers or marketers tasked with creating new materials can refer to the guidelines within to expand upon the Dr. Smith’s brand in a way that is consistent with TGG’s final design.

Services Used: Brand Standards.

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