Package Design

"Package Design is our core competency, and where we have historically made the most dramatic impact to our clients’ ROI."

Our award-winning team of graphic designers first worked together at IQ Design Group, breathing new life into iconic brands like Bayer, Pam, Heinz, Ovaltine, and Aquafresh. Since the formation of TGG, the team has developed package designs that have resulted in extraordinary sales impact for clients at Chattem, Blacksmith Brands, Prestige Brands, Massimo Zanetti, Panasonic, Sanofi-Aventis and Bayer Consumer Products.

Employing the TGG DesignSmart™ process, our designers deliver graphic explorations of colors, shapes and symbols across four phases of work. The final design stands out on the retail shelf and communicates the brand’s positioning in such a way as to prompt purchase and establish category leadership.