"I see brands as alive and breathing—just like the people behind them."


Founder & Principal

Throughout her 25-year career, executives in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry have turned to Terri for her expertise in brand identity and design. After beginning her career at Wallace-Church, Terri cofounded I.Q. Design Group in 1995. While at I.Q., she implemented a proprietary strategic design process that led to the restaging of over 200 consumer products and services. Since founding TGG in 2005, Terri has helped strengthen the identity and business health of some of the world’s most enduring brands, including Heinz, Bayer Aspirin, Luden’s, Panasonic, Aqua Net, Moon Pie, Icy Hot, One-A-Day, and Foster Grant. She has also guided the successful OTC switch of several Rx brands (including Allegra in 2010), and acquired global business from the likes of Polish pharmaceutical giant USP Zdrowie.

Terri was recently profiled in Advertising Age (“Packaging Guru Proves What’s On Outside Counts – And Sells,” Dec. 2012), and was named by Graphic Design USA as one of 2013’s People to Watch. She is a guest lecturer at the Marketing Institute and FIT, and a featured speaker at CHPA and other industry conferences. A regular contributor to Adweek and Graphic Design USA, Terri is the author of breakthrough research on consumer behavior, recall and sensory motivation in the retail environment.


In addition to leading a team of strategic thinkers, Terri also speaks across the country as a leader in the brand packaging realm. Learn more about her speaking engagements here!