For 25+ years, Danny Schrager, founder and President of GearedforGreen, has been a pioneer in advancing recycling, sustainability and circular economy supply chains throughout the plastics, packaging, retail, distribution, and municipal space for clients including General Mills, Walmart, Publix, Sony, Nestle, Playtex, and more.

GearedforGreen takes a 360º inside-out approach to sustainability to help clients build stronger, more sustainable businesses and brands. They help implement solutions that improve internal sustainability including recycling, use of sustainable raw materials, and packaging optimization, while at the same time advancing external sustainability initiatives that establish end-of-use circular supply chain recycling. Recognizing that “green-washing” can have consumer backlash, GearedforGreen focuses on end-to-end sustainability that meets what 62% of consumers want today: A brand that has a true sustainable footprint.

GearedforGreen is uniquely experienced to advise The Goldstein Group with respect to cradle-to-cradle circular economy sustainable solutions and strategy regarding product, packaging, and consumer trends, while interfacing with their clients and Global Eco Supply Chains.