"Create enduring brands for your business through immersive and revelatory workshops."

As companies grow, it is imperative that they seek out ways to leverage their creative potential. When this growth takes place, there is an increasing need for creating (or recreating) brands that withstand the hands of time. Nobody knows this better than The Goldstein Group! We offer four workshop-style seminars that have been successful at such companies as Merck, Bayer, and GSK. TGG can come to your business for a session on any of the following topics:

  1. Battling Brand Malpractice: Stop Copycat Activity on Your Brand!

In This Session: We will explore how an extra level of brand diligence at every step of the brand development phase can ensure an ownable and protectable trade-dress that will be preserved and promoted for the life of your brand. By learning how to utilize The Goldstein Group’s proprietary Shelf Sight Sequence™ protocol, you will build and shape an ownable brand that endures.

  1. Rx/OTC Switches: Cognitive Strategies for Successful Brand Establishment

In This Session: We will explore successful strategies for your brand’s Rx/OTC switch via The Goldstein Group’s scientifically-proven guiding principle, the Shelf Sight Sequence™. This model has created memorable brand recall for successful and sustainable Rx/OTC switches such as Allegra, Nasacort, and Plan B. Within a concerted process of understanding trade dress rights and functional color codes, you will build and shape a strategic plan that successfully establishes and nurtures your brand for the OTC arena.

  1. Brand Presence in a Digital World: The Shelf Sight Sequence™ vs. The Web Sight Sequence™

In This Session: We will explore why it is paramount to a brand’s success to be seen, felt and understood in 5 seconds or less, no matter the platform. Shoppers are using digital devices before and during their shopping trips, so their sequence of cognition may be inconsistent. By learning how to sustain your brand in a rapidly-changing world where the “shelf” has become dramatically smaller, you will build and shape an adaptable and emotionally intuitive plan for your brand.

  1. What Women Want…to See, Feel, and Understand About Your Package!

In This Session: We will explore the differences between how men and women shop, and how your brand can tailor packaging for each. While women make up 80% of all supermarket, drugstore and department store purchases, less than 20% of character trademarks in the retail landscape are female. By developing a storyline for your brand tailored to “her,” you will build and shape your brand into a necessary part of her life, specific to her cognitive strategies and habits.


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