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The Goldstein Group is a brand identity and design firm that incorporates strategic and analytical technique to achieve bottom line results. Led by industry veteran Terri Goldstein, TGG is comprised of a high-caliber group of strategic planners, graphic and industrial designers, copywriters, researchers, and Intellectual Property experts. TGG team members are guided by the firm's groundbreaking principle, Shelf Sight Sequence™ to deliver on its promise of Intelligence Made Visual®.

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TGG DesignSmart™

A cognitively based, visually oriented approach to all aspects of brand design. This process employed by our clients informs a visual positioning and design that leverages and strengthens for growth.

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The Goldstein Group's partners maintain productivity in three key areas: strategy, creative and operations, to ensure that your project proceeds seamlessly through each area of brand development. Our proven synergy provides empowerment and expertise to our entire brand team demonstrated by the results we cultivate on behalf of our clients.

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"Terri Talks" – 3rd Annual Rx-to-OTC Switch Summit

Join Terri Goldstein and IP attorney Joe Gioconda in Philadelphia December 1st as they speak about "How to Fully Own Your Brand: Anti-Counterfeit Product Strategies for Your Rx-to-OTC Switch."

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11/15/2016 Packaging as Presentation, Terri Goldstein, The Goldstein Group

Packaging as Presentation

Innovative packaging enables brands to create a subcategory that meets consumers' needs for convenience with their desires for luxury experiences...

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07/21/2016 women's wear daily, what women want, terri goldstein, the goldstein group

From Shelf to Cart: Beauty Packages Have Five Seconds to Make the Sale

Women make purchase decisions in five seconds at the shelf. In that limited time, beauty marketers need all the ammunition they can get to make their product stand out…

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06/30/2016 cosmetics design, cosmetics design usa, cosmetics and brand design, brand packaging, the goldstein group, terri goldstein

Designing Women's Cosmetic & Personal Care Packaging

Cosmetics Design checked in with Terri Goldstein, CEO of brand strategy and design firm The Goldstein Group, to get this expert’s take on how to create a package that reliably sells product...

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